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  Phoenix Launches Its 400th And Most Outstanding Station Yet
Posted on 20 May 2014
Phoenix Petroleum, the Philippines’ fastest growing petroleum retailing company, opened its 400th station in one of the country’s prime locations, in the vicinity of the Mall of Asia (MOA). This is Phoenix’s biggest station, complete with a service bay and a two-storey commercial arcade housing a Jollibee fast food outlet, the country’s leading fast food chain, Family Mart, a Japanese convenience chain store, “Nuat Thai” Spa of Thailand, and other specialty stores.
This contemporary design concept of a high-end petrol station, towering logo and all, is  part of Phoenix’s new brand strategy. Phoenix is a 100% Filipino-owned company, headed by one of the nation’s most innovative young entrepreneurs; Dennis A Uy (who is still in his thirties!) started his venture from humble beginnings in the Southern Philippine city of Davao just over 10 years ago. In only five years, it has become the biggest company in Davao City and the biggest taxpayer in the whole of Mindanao (Philippine’s second largest island) surpassing multinational companies like Dole, Del Monte and a host of mining firms operating in the south.
For the last couple of years, Phoenix had its sight on Luzon, Philippine’s biggest island, which houses its “imperial” capital Metro Manila. Now, Metro Manila and Luzon account for about 70% of Phoenix’s business. In the eyes of many, Phoenix has now surpassed one of the formidable “Big Threes” in the Philippine’s petroleum industry, that is Caltex. With Phoenix’s improved station design and aggressive marketing, the other two, Shell and Petron, are beginning to suffer from sleepless nights.
The Honorable Allan V Oca (2nd from left),
Dennis A Uy (far right) and  Romeo de Guzman (2nd from right)
The launch of Phoenix’s 400th station showcased the company’s mission of “providing quality fuels at affordable prices”, according to its Vice-President for Business Development, Atty Ramond T Zorilla. The credit of bringing the Phoenix brand to the level of public awareness where it is now goes to its creative marketing and brand top honcho, Celine Matias, who is a former McCann-Ericson executive. Uy had put together a power-team of highly capable professionals, headed by its untiring Chief Operating Officer, Romeo B de Guzman, formerly one of Shell Petroleum’s top executive. The 400th Station is managed by the enterprising Candy de Guzman. They were present at the launch, along with Uy and Zorilla, and AVP, Joselito de Jesus. The event was graced by no less than the Undersecretary of the Department of Energy, the Honorable Allan V Oca.
X-1R was of course present to support its long-term partner. X-1R Fuel System Cleaners, X-1R Octane Boosters and other freebies were given with every purchase of X-1R Engine Treatment and X-1R Petrol/Diesel Treatments by Phoenix’s customers. De Guzman said, “We want X-1R present in every launch henceforth,” to which Brixton Aw, President of CreativeSparx Inc, the national distributor of X-1R in the Philippines, replied, “Yes, Sir. We will even have X-1R present in every Phoenix station nationwide.”

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